Bridal Airbrush Makeup AND Hair -$350

Bridal Traditional Makeup AND Hair- $325

Bridal Makeup Only- $250

Bridal Hair Only- $200

All Bridal Makeup Applications include:

-Luxury Skin Preparation

-False/Mink Lashes

-16-18 Hour water resistant makeup application

-Chest Airbrushing, contouring and shimmer

Bridal trials available upon request:

Trial Hair AND Makeup- $250 

Trial Makeup OR Hair only: $165

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Bridal Hair and Makeup Services


Bridal PartyHair and Makeup Services

Attendant Airbrush Makeup AND Hair- $225

Attendant Traditional Makeup AND Hair-$215

Attendant Airbrush Makeup Only-$150

Attendant Traditional Makeup Only-$135

Attendant Hair Only-$150

Trials available for bridal party members upon request


In-Studio Services

In-Studio Special Occasion Hair AND Makeup- $275

In-Studio Special Occasion Hair OR Makeup- $175

Beginner Makeup Lesson- $350

Beginner Hair Lesson- $350

Artist to Artist Makeup Lesson- $600

Artist to Artist Hair Lesson- $600

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Additional Fees

-Travel Fee- $2.00/mile per artist scheduled from our studio (2204 Summer St Houston,TX 77007) minimum $50

-Additional Artist fee-$175 (if client requests an additional artist or service time is less than 5 hours)

-Early Morning Fee- $75/per artist (before 8am)

-Holiday Fee- $100/artist (Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years eve, New Years day, Fourth of July etc.)

-Valet Parking/Hotel Parking per artist

-Extension installation-$35/per attendant (Client will provide extensions. Extension installation is included in bride pricing)

-Tattoo Cover-up-starting at $45+

-Destination Wedding? Our Pro-Team has traveled to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and more!

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